Mobile Patrols


Security units function as a significant deterrent to criminals. By having canine units and security officers on your estate or road you will receive the safety of that deterrent as the benefit of their regular patrols, and investigation and management of any suspicious or dangerous activity.

  • Residential Housing Patrols are available 24/7, 365
  • Our scheduled patrol service can be tailored to your neighbourhood’s requirements
  • Our officers benefit from the highest levels of technical support and training
  • Patrols increased the information sharing process with local authorities and the housing association


118 Security collects and processes police statistics and security data every day. Our current research suggests that in London Police patrols are infrequent and neighbourhood watch groups aren’t appropriately trained to deal with the issues that have become common. Residential Security is more important now than ever before, particularly in London. Police patrols are too infrequent to protect our homes and communities from crime, and volunteer neighbourhood watch groups are not specifically trained for the issues they may face.

  • Residential Security provides expert solutions to keep your neighbourhood safe.
  • London’s reported crime increased by over 6.4% in the past year
  • London’s burglary rose by 28% and violent crime by 20% in the past year
  • Reduction in numbers of police and increased crime is straining communities.
  • 118 Security’s Residential Housing Patrols can help create a safer community.


A 118 Security analysis can help to unearth the specific risks and corresponding security needs of your community. Data collection and a residence consultation allow us to create a detailed management report. This allows us to create an individualized Housing Patrol Service suited to your property and budget requirements to best reduce the danger of crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB).

  • We provide services to meet the unique needs of the housing association and its residents
  • We control and diffuse the risk to the Housing Associations
  • We proactively provide budgeting options for the association’s initiatives.


118 Security works with communities to provide an effective deterrent to criminal activities. Based on recent increases in criminal behaviour including trespassing, burglary, anti-social behaviour and personal attacks it’s now more important than ever to take increased safety precautions. Residential patrols provide a proven deterrent against criminal activity in your community reducing the threat to residents, and ensure everyone can feel safe and protected in their homes.

  • Security Officers / Canine Units provide a visual deterrent against crime
  • All the neighbourhood’s residents can feel safer within their homes
  • Significant reduction in crime in your area
  • We liaise with the housing officer and ASB Co-ordinator and monitor the contract strategically
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