All 118 Security Ltd corporate security professionals are SIA Licenced, vetted, and trained to guarantee not only exceptional security but also top customer service.

We offer full-service corporate security and can provide services ranging from short to long term cover, in house duties to overnight patrols, in uniform or in accordance with your set dress code and are available upon short notice. We pride ourselves on flexibility in all aspects other than safety.

This flexibility means we have multiple security solutions each tailored to individual corporate needs, including office blocks, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and reception/concierge services. Each solution can be set to meet your company’s unique needs and complement your professional image.

Each guard working on our corporate team has undergone BS 7858 118 Vetting and Screening ensuring they are both principled and dependable.


Public safety is a matter of setting a tone that fosters calm, relaxed, and predictable behaviour so that event-goers can enjoy themselves. At 118 Security Ltd we pride ourselves both on the ability to set that tone and deal with situations as they occur.

Our guards undergo training to prepare them to contain and diffuse a number of situations. This includes situations pertaining to audience demographics and event type, including music and sporting events. Our guards provide a calm and measured approach to even the most challenging situations, so you can focus on the success of your event knowing its safety is taken care of.

Each guard working on our events team has undergone BS 7858 118 Vetting and Screening ensuring that your event is in good hands from start to finish. Our team is available at short notice for either long or short-term periods.


With a recent and dramatic rise in shoplifting in London, it’s become more important than ever to have a human element to compliment your technological theft prevention.

Due to increases in the technological savvy of shoplifters and sophistication of approaches, one of the largest values of a security guard is as a visual deterrent. Our staff is beneficial not only in their ability to stop thieves but also in that their presence creates an environment of safety for both staff and customers.

118 Security Ltd provides customer service focused Retail Security Guards for long or short-term periods at short notice. Our team is trained to interact positively with the public as well as liaise with police and other local authorities.


118 Security Ltd provides static security to a range of locations in the London area providing personalized solutions to suit each unique challenge.

Our guards maintain an exceptional level of professionalism ensuring that your site maintains both the security and appearance you require. This applies to all manned guarding, static guarding, and security that you require for the people, property, and assets that are being protected.

To that end, each guard is vetted to BS 7858 118 Vetting and Screening standard to guarantee trustworthiness and dependability. Additionally, each 118 Security Ltd operation team is chosen and receives specific training based on the individual requirements of each site as determined in the free in-depth site survey.

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