Dog Handlers

For the ultimate protection

General Purpose Dogs

K9 Dog Units (Canine Dog Units) are specialist dog & handler teams, trained to the highest standards for the security industry. Using dogs for security is one of the most effective ways to detect, prevent and protect your business premises. They have continually proven how invaluable they are when faced with hostile situations and at vulnerable locations that require that extra level of security. All of our dogs are trained to indicate to their handler of a potential intruder.

K9 Narcotic (Drug) Detection Dogs

K9 Narcotic dog teams can be deployed at any location where the unlawful use or supply of narcotics is suspected, including licensed premises, staff locker rooms, recreational areas and entrance turnstiles at entertainment venues, factories, offices, schools, colleges and hostels.

K9 Explosive Detection Dogs

K9 explosive dog teams can be used in a wide range of areas to detect and neutralise the threat of an explosives based attack. An example of where the dogs can be deployed include entry point checks, open terrain, vehicle sweeps, transport hubs, building searches, shopping centres and ports and can be performed as often as necessary either as roaming patrols or a static presence to give you peace of mind.

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